Toddlers and preschoolers will love playing with these homemade ones Rainbow stacking stones. You will learn the order of colors and size order as they try to balance their bricks on top of each other to build a perfect tower.

Recently the older kids at my daycare center painted a bunch of beach stones in all colors of the rainbow to make a fun stacking activity for the toddlers and preschoolers.

I was so excited with how the project turned out. We love tinkering with stones, and it has long been on my mind to turn some of our beach stones into a stacking activity for the little ones.

Rainbow stacking stones - happy hooligans

They love browsing the collection of beach stones I keep on the deck, sorting and stacking them. I thought it would be fun to build a set of colored bricks that they would have to stack in the correct order to build a rainbow colored tower.

Do you remember the Fisher Price stacking rings (Amazon affiliate link) we had as kids? These stones remind me of that.

This activity was super easy to do and didn’t cost us anything. The big ones had fun painting the stones and the little ones get to know the sequence of colors and sizes while stacking them.

You also need focus and coordination to build your tower without knocking it over.

It’s a fun little activity for any playroom or classroom.

Stones painted in rainbow colors

Stop by CBC Parents to see how we made our cheerful stacking bricks so you can make a kit for your little one!
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