This cheerful craft paper made of craft paper can be made for St. Patrick’s Day and / or International Lucky Day. It inspires joyful thoughts, gets kids to focus on the positive, and can act as a pick-me-up on difficult days.

Craft paper Rainbow Happiness Craft for children
Craft paper rainbow luck craft

This Rainbow Happiness Craft includes 2 holidays – St. Patrick’s Day and International day of happiness which follows on March 20th.

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The inspiration for this rainbow happiness cloud was the kindness cloud we made a few years ago for World Kindness Day.

Now that we’ve been in the pandemic for a year, I hear a lot about children hitting the “pandemic wall”.

I came up with this craft to get kids to focus on happy thoughts and positivity. So the idea is to get them to think of things they enjoy and write them on the ribbons of the rainbow.

Glitter is optional, of course, but heck, there’s nothing like a small serving of glitter to put a smile on most kids’ faces.

cloud colored stripes

Your kids can show their lucky rainbow in a place where it will lift their spirits on difficult days and remind them of the good things in life and that better days are always in store.

Older kids will love our yarn rainbow wall hanging.


  • Cardboard (or construction paper)
  • Markings
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Sparkle
delivers rainbow cloud


Rainbow lucky clouds craft

  1. Cut out cloud

    Start by cutting a cloud out of a piece of white cardboard. Make your cloud big enough to hold all of your rainbow’s ribbons of color. Our clouds measure approximately 8 inches wide by 4 inches high.
    Add a happy face to your cloud with your markers.Cloud cut out

  2. If you make a rainbow with stripes under the cloud:

    If you are making the cloud with the ribbons falling out from the bottom, cut strips of colored cardstock. Make them long enough and wide enough for your kids to write on them easily.

    ** Go to step 5

  3. If you are making a rainbow with colored arcs on top:

    Put a piece of plain white paper behind the cloud and draw the lines of your rainbow on it, making sure to stay within the width of the cloud.

    Label the arches in rainbow order.

    draw rainbow clouds

  4. Cut out arches

    Use this piece as a template to cut out your colored pieces, starting with the red piece.
    layered paper rainbow

  5. Layer and glue

    Lay the colored pieces on top of each other and glue them together. layered paper rainbow with cloud

  6. Glue colors on a cloud

    Place your cloud on top of your arrangement of colored ribbons or strips and glue them in place. layered paper rainbow with cloud

  7. Write on your rainbow stripes or ribbons

    With a marker on each ribbon or strip of your rainbow, write something you are grateful for. Write happy thoughts on rainbow strips of construction paper

  8. Add glitter

    This step is of course optional, but who isn’t happy when they see a bit of glitter?
    Add a thin line of liquid glue just inside the cloud’s outline. Sprinkle with glitter and shake off excess material.

Rainbow luck craft with glitter

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