If you are looking for another fun and easy olympic craft for your kids this is it homemade olympic medals are great. With just a few basic supplies, kids can create a range of gold, silver, and bronze medals to hand out at their Olympic medal ceremonies.

At home, my daycare kids like to organize their own Olympic Games here in the playroom during the two weeks that Olympia is on TV.

They invent fake versions of the events they saw, wave their homemade torches, and award medals to the winners.

Easy Olympic Medal Craft for Kids - Happy Hooligans

They usually use my sons old ice hockey medals for their medals, but recently I thought it would be fun to get some gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals for them to play.

We conjured these up with a few basic household items and found that they look great.

Making Olympic Medals for Children

They were quick and easy to make and the kids enjoyed the process. They were so proud to have “real” Olympic medals to hand out to their friends and take home at the end of the day.

Visit CBC Parents to see how our Olympic Medal Craft is made. Your kids will love having a kit to use in your home for their Olympic game.

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