I’m so excited about what we’re going to share today because we’re huge fans of escape rooms of all shapes and sizes and now there are escape room books for kids of all ages and adults will want to play too.

These two new Escape Room books have over 45 pages of escape game activities that mimic the themed space experience you would experience in immersive escape rooms. They are kind of a virtual escape room within the pages of a really good book full of unique challenges.

Let’s play escape room games made from books!

Escape room adventure in a book

My family has loved the classic experience of the various adventures that can be had in a real Escape Room since our very first Escape Room many years ago. What surprised me was that Escape Rooms work in a way that is best done in a team. The team searches for clues, together solving the escape room instructions and clues as this game of twists and turns is easier to win when problem solving is a group event. Even the youngest member of the family has vital information to help the team have a great time!

This summer, the real adventure game was released on the pages of Usborne’s new series of Escape Room Books. We’ll show you the first two editions currently available that are full of unique experiences, challenging puzzles, and the ability to solve just a few puzzles or a full immersive entertainment experience from home.

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Escape Room Book - Can you Escape the Museum - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s try to escape the museum with these escape room games.

Escape room: can you escape the museum?

Escape Room: can you escape the museum? – This escape room book is the first and is written by Dr. Gareth Moore and Beatriz Castro. It contains 47 pages of adventure games, 12 pages of perforated full color two-sided puzzle pieces and 4 pages of foldable tips.

Escape Room Book Pocket full of puzzles and tips - Kids Activities Blog
There is a pocket on the back with perforated puzzles and clues.

This is a beautiful hardcover book with beautiful illustrations that is your museum-themed game guide, filled with ancient relics and natural history. The book has a large cover on the back, in which the additional pages and possibly all the game pieces are kept as soon as you have played this Escape Room for the first time.

Escape Room Book Pocket full of puzzles and tips - Kids Activities Blog
The museum’s escape room card.

Instructions for setting up your best escape room are at the very front of the book. There are just a couple of things that you take out of the envelope and immediately fold it to keep that part of the escape game a secret, and then all of the other things can be pulled out and folded and used on the appropriate page in the book.

They recommend not sticking the escape room puzzles on the first time so that you can fold everything up neatly and put it in your pocket for the next time.

Escape Room Book - Escape From The Video Game - Kids Activities Blog
Can you escape the video game?

Escape Room: Can You Escape The Video Game?

Escape Room: Can You Escape The Video Game? This escape room book was written by Dr. Gareth Moore and is in the same format as the Museum Escape Room book. It’s filled with 47 pages of clever puzzles that will make you the hero of history … hopefully! The physical tokens are in the back pocket of the book with both sides with perforated puzzles and sides with foldable clues. All in all, it’s a really fun escape game!

Puzzle and notice pages in the escape room book bag - Kids Activities Blog
These are just a few of the puzzle and clue pages that can be found in the pocket of the Escape Room book.

It starts with escape room instructions and the entire escape room experience revolves around video games.

Why an Escape Room Book?

I immediately see the benefits of an Escape Room book. You can use these museum puzzles individually or a series of breakout games for a special occasion like a birthday party with small or large groups to create a memorable experience. Or, on special days in your normal life, you could play some of the escape room puzzles or sit down for a long time and work through the entire escape room scenario. It all sounds like so much fun!


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Have you ever “read” an escape room book? Do your children love escape room experiences?

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