Ready to rock the R? Here are the Letter R worksheets to help your children (or students) to write this letter, to recognize initial noises …

We worked on the letter Q last time, it’s not time to go ahead!

worksheets can be of great help in teaching your children letter writing, simple math, and all sorts of other subjects.

Letter R worksheets

R stands for rabbit, red, robot … It also stands for responsibility – something we hope children will be if they have to. It’s also for the restless and rebellious – two adjectives every parent knows very well!

These 8 alphabet worksheets, with varying degrees of difficulty, will teach younger children the letter R. You will learn an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, worksheets for tracing letters and coloring pages.

The Letter R Worksheets for Kids Set includes:

  • 4 pages in upper and lower case with pictures to color in.
  • 1 page for tracing words (starting with the letter R).
  • 2 pages with R initial sound activities – one page for coloring the pictures of objects beginning with R and one for circling the correct pictures.
  • 1 letter R for coloring.
Trace over the capital r and color in the picture

Trace over the big R and color in the picture.


These worksheets for tracing the letter R are great! We created two uppercase R tracing pages that are great for practicing on the dotted lines. This one has a robot * beep boop bop * while the other has a rainbow!

Both sheets will of course help you practice your letters, but they also double as coloring sheets. Tracing worksheets help with letter recognition and early writing skills.

Draw the letter r and color in the picture

Trace out the lowercase letter r and color in the picture.

Tracing pages in lowercase R.

We also have 2 lowercase tracing pages. They are very similar to the uppercase tracing pages. This one has a rainbow on it! How colorful! And the other has a robot on it.

These also serve as coloring pages. The various tracing worksheets are designed to help young learners tell the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Coloring picture letter R Kids Activities Blog - Color the picture of the capital letter R with two rabbits on a background of colored pencils, markers, colored pencils and ABC

Let’s color the letter R!

Letter R coloring worksheet

This is such a cute coloring page. It shows the letter R and has cute little bunnies! Coloring exercise worksheets are a great way to learn and reinforce the lesson.

color the objects that start with r.  start

Color in the objects that start with the letter R.

Objects That Start With The Letter R coloring page

You will need some painting supplies for this printable worksheet that preschool and kindergarten kids can use to color in any object that starts with the letter r.

What should be colored? Hm, the robot … rainbow … and rabbit! What a fun way to learn!

You don’t have the help of seeing the words, but this is a great exercise for learning the sound of letters.

Circle the objects that start with the letter r.  start

Let’s circle the objects that start with the letter R.

Circle the objects that start with R. Worksheet

Your child will circle the objects that start with the letter R! This would be a good time to start learning letter sounds as you are looking for all images that start with the letter R.

While this educational activity may be a little more difficult, it’s still great fun!

So grab your pencil and circle around: rainbows, robots … and there’s another one, what’s that?

Keep track of the words that start with r.  start

Let’s practice writing by tracking these words that start with the letter R.

Keep track of the R Words Worksheet

Grab a pen! You will need it with this fun preschool and kindergarten worksheet. Your child will trace the words that begin with R. Each word has a picture next to it so that the reader can connect the letter and the corresponding word.

It’s also a great fine motor exercise! A little more difficult but still a great worksheet.

Download the worksheets for preschoolers with the letter R here:

More fun alphabet activities and preschool printables

We have so many different activities and print templates that we think you will like!

  • If your kids still need some practice with writing, check out these drawing coloring pages as they will help them with fine motor skills.
  • Also, check out these great handwriting worksheets to help your kids write on their own.

Letter R worksheets free to print

Crafts that start with the letter R.

We have so many fun crafts that start with the letter R. These are some of our favorites! These are some of our favorites! This craft helps to teach not only the letter but also the letter r.

Did your kids have fun with these free printable R preschool sheets? Did you have a favorite?

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