Last week we worked with the letter N and now it’s time to learn O with the help of learn Letter O worksheets.

I am sure you did a lot Activities before writing, But at some point your kids need to pick up pen and paper and start practicing. And this is where these come into play!

Letter O worksheets

O stands for owl, octopus, ostrich … O also stands for optimistic – a word that makes life easier if we know how to live it.

So we have 8 alphabet worksheets of varying degrees of difficulty to help teach younger kids the letter O. You will learn an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, worksheets for tracing letters and coloring pages.

The Letter O Worksheets for Kids Set includes:

  • 4 pages in upper and lower case with pictures to color in.
  • 1 page for tracing words (starting with the letter O).
  • 2 pages with O initial sound activities – one page to color in the pictures of objects beginning with O and one to circle the correct pictures.
  • 1 letter O coloring page.
Trace out the capital letter o and color in the picture

Trace over the capital O and color in the picture.

Worksheets for tracing uppercase O.

We love these worksheets for tracing the letter O! These two uppercase O tracing pages are great for practicing the uppercase O on the dotted lines.

One shows a cute little owl while the other shows an ostrich. Both sheets will of course help you practice your letters, but they also double as coloring sheets.

Tracing worksheets help with letter recognition and early writing skills.

Trace over the small o and color in the picture

Trace out the lowercase letter O and color in the picture.

Tracing pages with lowercase O

We also have 2 pages of characters in lowercase O, or as my daughter calls it, one lowercase letter. They are very similar to the uppercase tracing pages.

This shows the ostrich, while the latter shows the cutest little owl. These also serve as coloring pages.

The various tracing worksheets are designed to help young learners tell the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Letter o Coloring Pages - Kids Activities Blog - Capital O with an owl inside on the background of ABC colored pencils, colored pencils and markers

Let’s color the letter O!

Letter O coloring worksheet

This is such a cute coloring page. It shows the letter o of course, but look this owl is so cute. I think it would look really cute in blue and pink! Coloring exercise worksheets are a great way to learn and reinforce the lesson.

Color in the objects that start with the letter o

Color in the objects that start with the letter O.

Objects That Start With The Letter O coloring page

Grab your painting supplies! You will need them for this printable worksheet that preschool and kindergarten kids can use to color in any object that starts with the letter O.

Hmm, what should they dye? Well there is an octopus, an owl and an ostrich!

This exercise sheet is a little more difficult. You don’t have the help of seeing the words, but this is a great exercise for learning the sound of letters.

Circle the objects that start with the letter o

Let’s circle the objects that start with the letter O.

Circle the objects that start with O worksheet

This is a harder worksheet! Your child will circle the objects that start with the letter O! This would be a good time to start learning letter sounds as you are looking for all images that start with the letter O.

This would also be a great time to teach your child vowel sounds. O can do about the short tone and the long tone.

While this educational activity may be a little more difficult, it’s still great fun! So grab your pencil and circle: owl, ostrich … and hmm, what should we circle last? Octopus!

Keep track of the words that begin with o start

Let’s practice writing by tracing these words that start with the letter O.

Follow the O Words Worksheet

Don’t put your pencil away yet, you are going to need it with this fun preschool and kindergarten worksheet. Your child will trace the words that begin with O. Each word has a picture next to it so that the reader can connect the letter and the corresponding word.

It’s also a great fine motor exercise! A little more difficult but still a great activity worksheet.

Download the Letter O Preschool Worksheets here:

More fun alphabet activities and preschool printables

We have even more preschool educational activities and printables so your kids can learn in a fun way.

Letter O worksheets free to print

Crafts that begin with the letter O

Learn the letter O with these super fun crafts and activities! Your children will have a lot of fun!

  • Owl, of course, begins with O! These cupcake liner owls are colorful, fun, and have great big googly eyes.
  • Make lunch educational too! Octopus also starts with O! Make a hot dog octopus with blue noodles that look like the water!
  • Would you like more O crafts and activities for your preschooler? We have them!

Did your kids have fun with these free printable O preschool sheets? Did you have a favorite?

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