We didn’t make any jokes about the letter J last week and now alphabet learning continues with you Letter K worksheets.

We move on to another set of alphabet worksheets. So grab your painting and writing supplies and let’s continue this fun adventure!

Letter K worksheets

K stands for Koala, King … K also stands for kind and knowledgeable, and I’m 100% sure your kids are. At this age, they can be a little clumsy too!

These 8 worksheets have different levels of difficulty and teach the letter k in different ways.

You can learn both uppercase and lowercase letters, tracing with worksheets for characters and coloring sheets.

Free 8 Page Printable Letter J Worksheets Set:

  • 4 pages in upper and lower case with pictures to color in.
  • 1 page for tracing words (starting with the letter K).
  • 2 pages of sound activities beginning with K – one page to color those that start with H and one to circle the correct pictures.
  • 1 letter K for coloring.
Draw the letter k and color in the picture

Trace over the capital letter k and color in the picture.


Check out these two pages of drawing for the capital letter K to practice capital letter k on the dotted lines. This one shows a king that you can color in and the other worksheet with capital letters shows a kangaroo that you can color in.

These worksheets for tracing letters also serve as coloring sheets. That and letter tracking will help your child with letter recognition and early writing skills.

Trace out the lowercase letter k and color in the picture

Trace out the lowercase letter k and color in the picture.


We designed 2 K-tracing pages in lower case that are similar to the upper case. This first side has a kangaroo that can be colored while the second side has a king. How much fun!

These lowercase k tracing worksheets also serve as coloring pages. Plus, they’re a great way to learn and remember lowercase letters. The two different worksheets are designed to help young learners tell the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

letter k coloring page - color the picture!  - Koala bear clings to capital letter k - Kids Activities Blog with ABC's colored pencil and markers

Let’s color the letter k and koala.


This simple coloring page shows the letter K and an adorable koala! What a fun way to learn! Coloring in printable activities is a fun way to learn in a creative way.

color the objects beginning with the letter k.  start

Color in the objects that start with the letter k.


This printable worksheet allows preschool and kindergarten children to color in the objects that start with the letter K.

Grab your painting utensils and color them in: king, key, dragon! Did i miss one?

This exercise sheet is a little trickier. You don’t have the help of seeing the letters, but knowing the sound of the letters can be of great help.

Circle the objects beginning with the letter k.  start

Let’s circle the objects that start with the letter K.


Your child will use this fun worksheet to circle the items that start with the letter k. Grab your pen or pencil, circle the: Koala, King and … I’m missing 1 more. What am i missing

This would also be a great time to learn letter sounds as they are looking for the letter k words. These educational activities get a little more difficult over time, but it’s good to have different levels.

Keep track of the words that end with k.  start

Let’s practice writing by tracing these words that start with the letter K.


This fun preschool and kindergarten worksheet will allow your child to trace the words that start with the letter K that is next to the picture of that object. This is a super cute handwriting worksheet.

This is a great educational activity for younger children and it emphasizes fine motor skills but helps the reader connect the letters and related words.

Download the worksheets for preschoolers starting with the letter K here:

More fun alphabet activities and preschool printables

Learning is even more fun with these great activities and printouts!

  • One fun way to learn sounds and letters is by playing and this alphabet sound game is a great example!
  • If you’re just starting out with the ABC, check out the alphabet flash cards.
  • If you don’t mind using food to study (and later eat naturally), DIY alphabet crackers are tons of fun!

Letter K worksheets printable for free

Crafts that start with the letter K. begins

Learn the letter K with these fun crafts that start with the letter K. These are such fun activities to do together.

Did your kids have fun with these free printable k preschool sheets? Which was your favorite?

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