Nothing says summer fun like personalized batik beach towels! These kids towels are perfect for the pool or a trip to the beach. Kids will love tying these colorful towels and will be so excited to use them.

This DIY batik project is so easy the kids can join in. You can customize the name on the towel and create one for each family member with different tie-dye colors.

Personalized Tie-Dye Beach Towel - finished DIY project with rainbow tie-dye paint and personalized with the name Andrew
Add your name to make a custom tie-dye beach towel … never lose another towel by the pool!

At first I was sure that making a tie-dye towel would be too difficult. In the “old days” of tie dyeing, it was often incredibly messy and the results were unpredictable. What I love about tie color today is that with the right tools you can get something you love, and it’s surprisingly easy.

That’s one of the reasons we love this tie dye idea for your kids. You will love the process fabric color. Check out the live video tutorial we created for this project a few years ago (see below). It has been seen by almost 300,000 people! This personalized beach towel project has become one of our favorite DIY ideas on the Kids Activities blog.

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DIY personalized batik beach towels

Accessory to make a batik towel with your name

Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit - 7-pack shown in the package - this is one of the accessories for tie-dye towels
With a spray dye kit, tie-dyeing becomes child’s play!

Spray dye vs. tie dye for personalized towels

For this project we used the Tulip One-Step Spray Dye Kit.

Spray Tie Dye is incredibly kid-friendly. You simply spray fabric paint exactly where you want the color to appear.

This spray dye kit contains everything you need for tie dye projects, including gloves and elastic bands.

It would be more difficult to control the color and mess with a traditional tie dye. I’m a big fan of the spray paint for tie dye projects like this personalized name scarf.

Which Towel Is Best For Name Tie Dye?

We went to the source and asked Tulip Tie Dye what the best towel would be:

“100% cotton white towels” work best.

—Batike your summer

We have always used white towels made from 100% cotton. The second thing that is very important is the size of the towel. Traditionally, beach towels are larger than 30 “by 60” to officially be beach towels. I like mine a little bigger.

Here are some of our favorites from Amazon:

Instructions on How to Make Your Name Tie Dye Beach Towel

Step 1

Cover your work surface with the disposable tablecloth. This makes tidying up so easy because the batik can get a little dirty.

Personalized Batik Beach Towel Step 2 - Write the name on the towel with tape
Add your desired name or personalization to the white beach towel with tape.
step 2

Lay out your white cotton towel and use the tape to write your child’s name on the front.

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towel - Step 3 With gloved hands start spraying the tie dye
Start by spraying the paint on the towel.
step 3

Now comes the fun part! Put on your gloves and spray the fabric paints on the towel.

Tie dye tip: We wanted a rainbow look for our towel so we started in a corner and switched from color to color. The kids tie-dye kit we used had all the colors in one pack to make it really easy.

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towel - Tip - Start with one color on one end and work your way up to the other
Think in advance how you want the colors to look on the finished personalized beach towel.

Tie dye tip: We sprayed pretty lightly so it had more of an ombre look.

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towel - Tip - To create an ombre look, you want light color transitions
If you want light color transitions, make the color lighter to superimpose on the next light color for an ombre look.

(Optional) Step 4

If you have a thick cotton towel, the colors won’t show through the towel. If this happens, turn the towel over and repeat spraying the paints on the back in the same pattern.

Personalized Tie Dye Beach Towel Step 4 - Air Dry
The towel will air dry if you are patient!

Step 5

Allow to air dry.

Step 6

Once both sides are dry, remove the tape and rinse the towel in cold water.

Some of the paint runs onto the white letters – that’s ok! It will still be a lot lighter than the rest of the towel and it looks really cool!

Tie dye beach towel named 'Andrew'
Check out our finished, personalized beach towel … ready for the pool!

How to wash your tie dye towel

Wash separately in a large amount of hot water suitable for fabrics and a small amount of laundry soap.

Dry separately.

Wash and dry separately for the first few washes.

Watch the video to see the steps for making Name Beach Towel

We had so much fun making this personalized batik beach towel on our Quirky Momma Facebook page! If you’d rather watch the video on FB, just click!

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What name will you put on your personalized batik towel?

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