Bzzzz! Spring is here and that means lots and lots of fun spring activities! Today we have a tutorial on how to draw a bee, perfect for kids in kindergarten and older.

Celebrate the arrival of spring by downloading our three-page bee-drawing tutorial, which you can print out and give your little one as a guide.

Keep scrolling to learn the easy steps to draw a cartoon bee!

Let’s draw a bee!

Simple steps to draw a cute bee

Make the most of this printable tutorial by helping your little one express themselves: Learning how to draw a bee is a healthy way to express their emotions while improving their motor skills like coordination and fine motor skills. Drawing really plays a huge role in children’s development!

Our bee sketch tutorial is so easy to follow that any kid can become a true artist in minutes and have fun doing the same!

Step by step how to draw a bee
Let kids (or adults!) Follow the simple steps to draw a bee …

Let’s draw a cartoon bee

If you download and print the bee drawing tutorial you will find the following steps which are much easier to follow while looking at the pictures !:

  1. First we draw an oval.
  2. Add a sloped oval on each side of the first oval.
  3. Add another oval on each side, sloping in the opposite direction. These are the wings of your bee!
  4. Let’s draw the body! Draw curved lines on the main oval.
  5. Draw a triangle pointing down from the oval.
  6. Draw legs and feet – so cute!
  7. Use circles and curved lines to make arms, hands, and antennas.
  8. Large! Let’s add some details. Draw small ovals for the eyes and cheeks and a curved line to make your bee smile.
  9. Hooray! Your super cute bee drawing is ready!

Well done, the bee looks amazing! You can draw as many as you want and have a cute family of bees.

How to draw a bee step by step
Let this cute flower show you how to draw a bee in simple steps!

Download here:

How did your bee drawing turn out?

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