You can create your own individual LEGO building instruction book for LEGO bricks that you have designed. Children of all ages can follow these simple instructions to create their own LEGO manuals for their original LEGO creations.

These DIY printable LEGO instructional projects are really good STEM projects too, showing the step-by-step sequencing and the ability to reproduce a LEGO project.

Let’s make our own Lego instruction books!

If your kids are having fun building their own Lego creations, then maybe they are having fun building their own Lego building instructions so that others can enjoy building the same creations.

It’s a great do-it-yourself project that keeps kids interested in different levels of LEGO building steps and encourages them to think about how they would explain it to others.

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Do one [Do It Yourself] Lego building instructions

Materials required for the Lego Plan Book

How to make your own Lego instruction cards

Step 1

Let your child build a variety of creations using Legos that come in different sizes and shapes.

Small LEGO building blocks on a white background ready to be photographed for step 2 of the DIY LEGO kids guide book - Kids Activities Blog
Put your LEGO creations on a white background for your photograph.

step 2

Close up each Lego creation on a plain white background.

Lego building instructions printed out on a printer - Step 3 to create your own LEGO building instructions from the Kids Activities Blog
Print out the instructions on paper so that you can create a LEGO instruction booklet.

step 3

Print out each picture on card stock or photo paper. My kids liked it best when I made them “life-size”, but depending on how complex (or large) your LEGO building is, you can opt for a smaller instruction step.

Step 4

Repeat this with a simple stand-alone project, or create each step of a more complicated LEGO structure in the same process.


How to create your own LEGO blueprint book

  1. Cut the pages to the size you want (Ours were about 6 × 8 when we shortened them).
  2. Punch out the corners of each side and connect the sides with a binding ring (or a pipe cleaner if you’re like me and don’t have rings anywhere in the house).
  3. Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend who wants to build the LEGO project you designed.

This Lego building activity is a great way to teach kids about geometry and develop problem-solving skills. I always love it when I learn into a fun activity!

What we learned while creating this LEGO building instructions book

My four year old and I came up with this quick LEGO activity one afternoon while my one year old was taking a nap. It kept us busy, busy, calm, and creative. All you need is a couple of Legos, your camera, and a few other bits and pieces mentioned below.

My son was so eager to start building that I didn’t laminate our pages first. I ended up printing and laminating new copies. This will be one of my first steps next time, when the LEGO instructions are ready.

Yield: 1

{Do It Yourself} Lego instruction book (fb)

Create a custom LEGO building instruction book for your original LEGO builds and creations so you can recreate the same project later or have a friend build it. This simple project is packed with learning from step sequencing to book design. It’s fun for kids of all ages.

Active time
30 minutes

total time
30 minutes


Estimated costs
Less than $ 5


  • Lego bricks

  • Card stock

  • (Optional) jump rings


  • camera

  • printer

  • Perforator

  • scissors

  • (Optional) Laminating Sheets


  1. Create a simple LEGO build.
  2. Photograph it on a white background like a billboard.
  3. Print out the picture on cardboard.
  4. Repeat for other simple builds, or separate the steps of a more complicated build with individual images.
  5. (Optional) Laminate pages.
  6. Punch holes in the brochure and use jump rings to hold it in place.


How did your DIY LEGO instruction book become?

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