These Gingerbread Game Dough Biscuit Decorating Activity is a fun December activity for home or preschool kids. It smells wonderful and helps children strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills.

Hello my dears! Just wanted to share a fun and simple idea for a Christmas activity kids can do at home or preschool this December.

It is a “Christmas baking” campaign in which the children decorate simulated Christmas biscuits from plasticine that smells like gingerbread.

The inspiration for this gingerbread cookie kneading dough was the Christmas cookie kneading dough we made last year.

This campaign was so well received by my Kita children that I wanted to do it again this year, in a slightly different way.

Coloring the clay with some brown food coloring and scenting it with spices made it a completely different activity for the children.

Gingerbread modeling clay activity

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It’s easy to set up. All you need is plasticine and a few buttons, beads and scraps of ribbon. The kids love it when I set up an activity for them in these colored trays. I got mine at the dollar store, but you can find it here too. Somehow these trays make an activity all the more interesting or special.

Add some mini rolling pins and some festive cookie cutters and your kids will feel like they are decorating real Christmas cookies!

Gingerbread Dough Activity - Happy Hooligans

The best recipe for your gingerbread dough:

For our gingerbread activity we used our very favorite homemade kneading recipe. It’s this simple no-cook recipe from The Imagination Tree.

We added some brown food coloring and some ginger and cinnamon and it looked and smelled just like the original.

Decorate gingerbread kneading cookies

I love this clay because it’s very soft. It also stays soft even if left out for hours, so you can do this activity at home, daycare, or kindergarten every day in December.

And while your little ones pretend to strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills while baking Christmas!

Hope you try your kids this month. If you are like my hooligans you will love it!

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