Learning sight words can be memorized which is why we love interactive word games like this water polo word game. Have fun with your studying!

Our Fridays are exciting as we like to do some kinetic sight word activity to get ourselves moving. It’s one of our favorite sight word movement games.

This word game is one of the kids’ favorite games. It’s a simple activity with a lot of learning potential … even beyond the visibility of words. It’s easier to learn words while moving, and it’s one of our favorite beach ball games that preschoolers will love.

Every child learns differently, but research shows that when they are active they stimulate learning and memory more. Oh! And this sight word game will also get out the excess energy and jiggle by throwing that word ball, that sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Sight words are words like come, do or who that do not conform to the rules of spelling or the six types of syllables. These words have to be memorized because they are really difficult to decipher. Students are taught to visually memorize these as a whole so that they can recognize and read them instantly (within three seconds) without having to use decoding skills.

We are teachers

The word ball contains words that appear frequently in the text. Most of these are adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions, as well as verbs.

They are common words used in everyday speech.

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Blow up the beach ball.

Select which fields you want to add sight words to, then use a permanent marker to write sight words on those fields.

Here are some of the words we put on our ball (from Kid Writing – Great Resource to Educate Our Students on Literacy):

a, to, and, but, if, that, this, is, was, had, been, been, from, bye, hello, by, am, not, it, be, or, from, to, on, in, in, you, your, our, my, me, me, he, she, she, her, there, this, this, other, here, were, for, with, who, what, when, then, as, how, why, from, go, went, no, not, yes, can, say, said, wants, everyone who, would, could, should, up, down, out, in, on, on top, over, under, only , side, some, many, like, see, do, done, very, after, before, little, great, find, did, do, done, not

–Child writing

This game was a great success with my reading and non-reading children as well as the children in the neighborhood who read independently!

Did your kids have fun learning eye words with this interactive eye word game?

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