Today we have some suitable shark worksheets for younger children. Pre-K, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids will get into the spirit of Shark Week with these fun printable shark matching games.

Just download, print, and play with these matching preschool worksheets. After you’ve connected the matching pictures, grab your crayons and color in the page.

If you have Shark fans at home (every family has that!) Then be sure to print out this matching game!

My kids have always loved playing matching games and I think it’s because we all play these visual games all the time … do I realize that? Do I realize that?

Simple worksheets like this shark matching kit help kids become aware of their ability to identify and match similar items … things that are the same!

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Shark Week Matching Games

Printable worksheet for matching sharks

This memory matching game is the cutest and so easy to play: just print it out, get colored pencils and let your child draw a line to connect the matching pictures!

They will agree:

  • Swimming shark
  • starfish
  • fish
  • Jumping shark

Download and print the Shark Matching PDF from here

We did that and a lot more Shark Week Free Printables! Add them to your elementary school activities to help them improve their pattern recognition skills while having fun.

Shark Week memory games

Whether you are looking for simple style activities or fun learning activities for kids, we have just what you need!

Play Memory games, along with other activities for preschoolers, are a great way to improve your child’s memory and focus. Exercising your little one’s brain is essential at all stages.

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Did your kids finish the shark match game quickly?

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