Today we have a really fun printable activity with hidden images about the shark theme! We love hidden object puzzles because they’re part coloring pages and part printable games.

If you are using this as part of your Shark Week activities, check out our extensive resource on all Shark Week topics!

Download and print this fun, free shark hidden picture puzzle!

One cool fact about sharks that I learned about shark week is that they don’t have bones! Instead, they have cartilage, which is lighter than bone.

Shark Games can help you learn a lot of cool facts about sharks, which is why we made this shark spy game to print!

Printable Shark Simple Hidden Pictures Puzzle

Puzzles for Kids - Hidden Pictures Shark Worksheet surrounded by paint, crayons and other art supplies
Can you find all the strange items that don’t belong in the sea? This printout tests your child’s object recognition!

Shark I Spy Puzzles

These printable hidden picture puzzles can help improve a child’s observation skills and attention to detail. These worksheets are perfect for kids who prefer visual activities.

Let your child help find all the animals that are hiding in the sea. You need to find:

  • French fries
  • donuts
  • Snake
  • and other items that shouldn’t be there!

It’s not as easy as you think! Your child can either circle or cross the objects when they find them.

We made this printable black and white so you don’t have to use a lot of ink – plus, it’s the perfect excuse to show your child their artistic side too! After you print it out, it can be used as a shark coloring page.

Printable puzzles - hidden pictures in the ocean - shark, jellyfish and more pictured picture
Find all the hidden pictures in this Shark Week Hidden Pictures to print!

Download and print the page with hidden pictures of sharks from here:

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Which hidden object did you find first in the printable puzzle?

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