Here is a really fun fall art activity that will keep toddlers and preschoolers moving and trembling as they explore the colors of fall. Golf balls, paint, and a box are all you need for this simple activity.

We do a lot of fall crafts here at my daycare center and the kids really enjoyed some of the fall art projects we did.

We’re trying a really fun art process that I’ve seen everywhere lately – painting with GOLF BALLS!

To be honest, when I’ve seen this activity online people usually use marbles and paint but we don’t have marbles so we improvise with golf balls.

Fall Art Activity for Toddlers - Shake Painting with Golf Balls - Happy Hooligans

So much fun!

This was one of the funniest art activities the toddlers and preschoolers did this year. I think it’s great that it’s easy enough for the little ones to have full control over it.

Before the kids started this simple art project, we talked about autumn in general. We discussed how fall can also be called fall, how the weather gets cooler, how the leaves fall from the trees, and how those leaves change color. Then we looked at the trees around us and determined what colors of leaves we could see. The children identified the colors red, orange, yellow, and brown.

orange, yellow, brown and red color on tray with golf balls

I asked them if they would like to make fall art in these colors and of course they loved it. They jumped up and down and said, “Yes! Yes! Yes! “Don’t you love the way little children get excited about the simplest of things?

For this fall art activity you will need:

  • cardboard box
  • white paper or cardboard
  • colour
  • Golf balls

Painting with golf balls:

We put a piece of white cardboard (you can use any type of paper or cardboard. We happen to have a lot of white cardboard) in the bottom of a cardboard box. Then we dribbled Tempra Paint on the white cardboard box (this was the only part of the activity I took part in simply because I wanted to control the amount of paint that goes into the box – it doesn’t take much.

Pouring paint on paper in a cardboard box
Drop paint and golf balls into a box

The hooligans tossed the golf balls in, then tipped, tipped, wiggled and shook the box and let the golf balls do their thing.

Toddler shakes golf balls and paints to make art

They jumped and bounced and danced around, shaking the box back and forth and up and down, and watched the golf balls make marks through the paint.

Preschooler making fall art with paint and golf balls

They found it so exciting to see their whitepaper transform into a colorful piece of art.

I loved that they all so supported and encouraged whoever shook the box.

They cheered each other on and said “Well done”, “That’s how it works!” And “You do it!” To each other.

Creative art technique for toddlers

The results were really beautiful!

What was really nice was that our pictures naturally had an unpainted white border around the edges because the center of the golf ball forms the lanes.

autumn abstract art of toddlers and preschoolers

If your toddlers and preschoolers haven’t tried painting with golf balls before, this art activity is a must! It does and the kids will have a lot of fun.

I think these pieces will look lovely in our playroom.

Fall art project for toddlers

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