So easy Branch tree decorations is a great Christmas craft for preschoolers working on their fine motor skills. With a little help, the toddlers can also make these ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Here is a cute and easy Christmas craft that starts with a nature walk with the kids. Similar to our Twig Star Ornaments from last year, toddlers and preschoolers combine twigs and yarn and use their winding and wrapping skills to make them adorable Natural handicrafts for Christmas.

You probably know how much we love doing handicrafts with sticks and other natural materials here in my daycare center! Using sticks and other found objects for your handicrafts and activities is a great way to increase your handicraft budget, and also a lovely way for your children to explore the outdoors around them.

Even in winter we like to be outside every day. Sometimes we play in the yard and sometimes we go to the forest behind the house. Wherever we are, there are always sticks to be found. We picked up a plastic bag this morning and the toddlers and preschoolers were looking for sticks as they walked.

At home we emptied our bags and put our sticks by the fire to dry them for about an hour.

Then we searched our thread collection and found this glittering silver-blue eyelash thread. It was perfect for a Christmas tree craft. It almost looks like tinsel.

Branch ornaments for children for handicrafts with thread

To make our branch tree decorations you will need:

  • Branches (3 for the tree and 1 for the trunk)
  • yarn
  • Hot glue gun

Branch tree decorations - branch triangles and eyelash thread

Pretty easy right? I used Martha Stewarts Glitter eyelash yarn in a silvery blue, but don’t let materials limit you. You can use regular yarn in festive colors, rafia, strips made from scraps of fabric, ribbons or even strips made from brightly colored plastic bags. Get creative and use what you have!


Glue your twigs together with the hot glue gun in order to form a triangle and then glue a small log to the bottom.

Once your glue has set, tie the twine to one of the branches with a knot.

Your toddler or preschooler can now wrap and wrap the twine around the small branch Christmas tree.

This exercise is great for young children to strengthen their fine motor skills and coordination.

Finally, tie off the yarn at the top of the tree and attach a ribbon to hang your ornament.

Twig ornaments - happy hooligans

Branch tree decorations

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