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Make scratch art with oil pastels

If your kids are looking for fun things to do at home, try scratching pictures! It’s fun and easy to do.

Oil pastels are fun to work with, and you can create any design!

Scratch art


  • Paper plates
  • Oil pastels
  • Tempera paint Black or another darker color for best results
  • Toothpicks or scratching tools
  • Paper towels or wet wipes for cleaning up dirt


  • First, draw a colorful pattern on the plate. I used a rainbow type bullseye circle. Other patterns work just as well

  • Make sure you apply and blend the oil pastel nicely so that no white shows through. Let dry for 30 minutes

  • The first layer of paint should be thin but completely cover the plate. Allow to dry before applying the second coat

  • For the second coat, apply a thicker coat of paint. Let dry. Let dry overnight for best results

  • Take a toothpick, paper clip or other sketching tool and draw a pattern or picture and watch the magic happen.

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