Popsicles are an essential part of those hot summer days. We all agree on that, don’t we?

I found something that will enhance that summer popsicle experience … dinosaur popsicle shapes! And they’re literally the cutest thing I’ve seen all year round.

Let’s make hidden fossil dinosaur popsicles!

Dinosaur popsicle shapes

You know we love dinosaurs here on the Kids Activities blog and the main reason is that KIDS LOVE DINOSAURS. Kids love popsicles too … so this is like heavenly game.

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These adorable dinosaur popsicles have dinosaur skeletons inside!

Where can you buy dinosaur popsicles?

These dinosaur popsicle shapes that I’m crazy about can be bought on Amazon. The cool thing (get it?) Is that these dinosaur pop shapes got 4.7 stars out of 1,000+ reviews on Amazon. One of the reviews contained this information:

These shapes worked perfectly! I filled them with mashed berries and they took the shape superbly. It was very easy to peel off the silicone mold so the popsicle didn’t lose shape or detail. I rinsed the mold out with hot water and threw it in the top basket of the dishwasher to wash.

I wasn’t entirely sure how much to fill this up and used the line around the top as a guide, but I overfilled it. It was better to leave some space just before the top.


Tovolo Dino Pop Details Amazon show popsicles and hidden fossil
So many cool dinosaur details!

Dino popsicle shape details

  • This dinosaur ice pop shape is made by Tovolo.
  • Each Dino Ice Pop mold makes 4 popsicles.
  • The dinosaur pop shape is made of flexible silicone.
  • The set comes with 4 popsicle sticks are actually hidden fossils that are revealed when the dinosaur popsicle is eaten.
  • The handle of the popsicle is a dinosaur tail.
  • The bottom tray fits into the freezer door and is stackable.
  • Mold is dishwasher safe.

Popsicle Recipes for Tovolo Dino Pops

Based on the reviews on Amazon, it appeared that the ice cream and juice recipes work better than the ice cream and milk based recipes. This makes sense as most water and juice based popsicle recipes generally freeze harder and would work better in a detailed shape like the dinosaur pop shapes.

Check out our homemade popsicle recipes here on the Kids Activities Blog, where we have over 50 popsicle recipes and you’re sure to find a favorite.

More cool tovolo popsicle shapes

Tovolo Zombies Ice Popsicle shapes with spine and zombie feet from Amazon
Let’s make zombie popsicles!

Zombie popsicle

I love the Tovolo Zombie Pop Molds, which are perfect for any day a zombie might pop up. Keep this in mind when Halloween is rolling around too. I think our monster popsicle recipe might be the perfect fit for those funny shaped popsicles.

Monster Ice Pop from Tovolo shows a tray with monter feet from Amazon
The monster pop tray only makes me giggle when I see all those monster feet in the air!

Monster popsicle

This Tovolo Monster Popsicle Tray makes monster pops! You can make one of four different types of monsters with these silicone molds. I think our candy popsicle recipe might be the best.

Tiki Pops made of silicone ice lolly shape amazon
Let’s do tiki pops!

Tiki popsicle

These tiki pop shapes just seem like the perfect popsicle for a hot summer day. Or wait until the evening when you can keep the torches burning …

tovolo sword Ice Pop shapes from Amazon - four popsicles shown with different sword shapes and colors
This is the popsicle that you want to take into battle.

Sword popsicle

If you have kids at home who like guns but you really don’t want anyone to get hurt, then these sword pop shapes from Tovolo might be the best you’ve found all summer.

Summer Party Popsicle Bar with three ice cream buckets with colorful popsicles for kids to grab and eat
Let’s make a popsicle bar in the back yard!


Did your kids love the dinosaur popsicle shape as much as we do?

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