Do homemade gift tags for your Christmas gifts this year! It’s an inexpensive and fun way to make your gifts look great! Simple enough for kids but so charming you will want to make a bunch of your own!

These self-made gift tags are suitable for any occasion, but they are particularly suitable if the children are giving away a self-made gift or a present in self-made wrapping paper.

I’ve always enjoyed making my own gift tags for Christmas time. For years I kept all the Christmas cards we received the previous year and spent an evening cutting them into different shapes and sizes so we had a large supply of Christmas card gift tags to attach to our wrapping gifts.

Homemade gift cards are fun and easy to make!  They cost nothing and you never have to worry about running out of store-bought tags - Happy Hooligans #Christmas #kids #crafts #cookiecutters #gifts

With Christmas card shipments going down, we just don’t get many anymore, so I’ve been resorting to store-bought gift tags for the past few years. The problem is, if you can’t find them anymore, or if you can’t find them when you need them, you got stuck.

Last week I received a present with this simple snowman gift tag and I realized that I don’t need Christmas cards to make gift tags! All you need is a cereal box and cookie cutter!

Cereal Box Cookie Cutter Yarn

I stocked the kids with a few supplies, and they made quite a pile! It was really fun and easy. We are now ready for Christmas – each present will be tagged with one of these rustic, homemade gift tags.

Create your own gift tags:

  • saves money
  • means you don’t have to worry about running out of gift tags
  • is an opportunity to reuse a few empty boxes
  • gives the kids an excuse to get smart
  • will keep the kids busy so you can concentrate on the Christmas preparations
  • gives an extra level of attention to a gift

Call the kids to the screen and we’ll show them how easy it is to do.

Accessories for making homemade gift tags with cookie cutters

To make our homemade gift tags you will need:

  • different Christmas cookie cutters
  • Cereal box
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Perforator
  • Ribbon or string

Trace the cookie cutter on the cereal box

Start by placing your cookie cutters on the cardboard and tracing around your cookie cutters.

Cut out gift tags in the shape of a snowman

Next, cut out the shapes you traced.

Write on self-made gift tags

Write your message on your adorable gift tag.

When attaching your gift tag to a gift bag, punch a hole in the top of the gift tag and thread a ribbon or string through it. If you stick the gift tag to a present, there is no need to punch a hole.

Homemade gift tags from a cereal box

Now wrap up all of your cute little gift tags and attach your presents.

Aren’t they just too cute?

Cereal box and cookie cutter gift tag

Homemade gift tags for everyone for Christmas!

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