Today we have a free printable eBook of all the best jokes for kids. In fact, we know they’re the best jokes for kids because kids made them up and sent us in for this awesome funny joke PDF with over 50 pages of kid friendly jokes.

If you know us here on the Kids Activities Blog, you know we love to giggle and laugh! These are some of our favorite jokes – from classic knock-knock jokes to silly puns, this kid’s joke book has it all. And best of all, it’s free and you can get it laughing now!

Let’s tell some funny jokes for kids … {kiggle}

Funny Jokes For Kids Free eBook

Peel the kids off video games because that’s the last place they want to be when they see the giggles associated with those goofy jokes.

What did the palm tree wear to the pool party?

Swimming trunks!

This kid joke book was compiled and illustrated by Josh Manges from the kid jokes on our Facebook page @quirkymomma. We couldn’t help but giggle at the results of hundreds of LOL jokes, puns, knock-knock jokes, puzzles, pranks, and more.

Little Horse That Fell Over Joke For Kids - Kids Activities Blog Silly Joke eBook
Help! I fell and can’t get up & other stupid jokes for kids!

Corny jokes in the children’s joke book

It takes a minute to sum up how we’re going to make your kids laugh … but I think it’s definitely worth it.

Download and print it out using the orange button below.

Lions live on the Mane Street joke with bee jokes and cookie jokes - Kids Activities Blog - pdf of kids joke book
Scattered throughout the kid’s joke book are funny pranks that kids can pull.

The pages are created as a printable PDF that you can cut in half and make an 8 1/2 “by 5 1/2” book, or keep it in traditional paper format or use it digitally as an eBook. Each page has several goofy jokes, including knock-knock jokes, but one has Josh’s illustrations on it:

  1. Kids Joke Book Cover: The Book Jokes for Kids, From Kids compiled by Josh Manges with Kids Activities Blog
  2. Bees hold hands
  3. Dinosaur not taking a bath
  4. Blackbird that is not a blackbird
  5. Armless spider
  6. Flying without wings or is the time flying?
  7. Talking teddy bear
  8. Shopping cow – you may have to hide your credit card
  9. Pig with wounds
  10. Dinosaur police
  11. Ground beef
  12. Camel with hats
  13. Turkey has crossed the street
  14. Octopus laughs loudly chicken
  15. Hai spits out a clown for being bad liars
  16. Turtle calls home
  17. Street where lions live – watch out for the traffic lights!
  18. Little horse that fell over
  19. Scared numbers
  20. Seagulls with holes in them
  21. Alligator in a vest
  22. Singing hummingbirds & long necked giraffes that could make a pony sing
  23. Bee love
  24. Scarecrow Awards
  25. Ghost vacation
  26. Pork chop
  27. Gym rat hamburger
  28. A sick cookie
  29. Gorilla nostrils with a bit of boogie
  30. Elephant in a phone booth
  31. Blind dinosaur
  32. Hot watchdog!
  33. Cat in the dryer
  34. Feeding cannibals
  35. Oranges running marathons
  36. Something brown and sticky that doesn’t belong in a garbage truck
  37. Clapping a T-Rex is unlikely to be good on a musical instrument
  38. Very old ant … where is the little old lady?
  39. Play with elephants
  40. Dracula is in prison
  41. Darth Vader is having breakfast
  42. LOL just more …
  43. Swollen nose
  44. Kiss big flower
  45. Reading cow
  46. Eye conversation begins with the left eye
  47. Hammer crossed with a biscuit
  48. Banana went to the doctor
  49. Suntanning old snowman won’t be a guest at your next baseball game
  50. Ocean movement
  51. Pirate gets pierced ears
  52. Sleeping broom
  53. Horseshoe Notes
  54. Zug and the math book

These are not dad jokes. No! Not a bad joke!

Wait … if dad reads them to you, will they suddenly turn into dad jokes?

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road Joke and More - Kids Activities Blog Jokes eBook for Children - PDF version of the children's joke book with spider jokes, little dog jokes and hummingbird jokes
Why did the chicken cross the street … I mean the turkey?

Download these favorite jokes as PDF here

It’ll be a breeze! Just press that button and follow the prompts … your fun jokes e-book for kids will arrive almost instantly.

Start at the beginning of the book and read through the big words {giggle} of the funniest jokes. My favorite are the animal jokes from the spelling bee, bald eagle to polar bears at the North Pole.

Whenever you need good jokes, just grab your eBook or printed version.

Cows With Credit Card Joke and More from Kids Activities Blog Jokes For Kids E-Book - Plane Crash Joke, Shower, Pink Fluff, and Moo York Jokes
Hide your credit cards, the cows are going northeast …

Which plant can grow right out of your hand?

A palm tree!

One of the things we suggest is to print out pages that you think are funny, cut them in half and send them to school in your child’s lunch box, which is a great way to make them giggle at noon. Even if they’re in high school {LOL}. Or maybe they are starting their own school stand-up routine.

You will be a wise quack!

Which water is best for swimming?

Salt water because pepper only makes you sneeze!

Why the dinosaur doesn't take a bath joke and others from the Kids Activities Blog eBook of Jokes for Children pdf
Make the joke book for your teddy bear!

More good jokes from the kids activity blog

Which of the fun jokes for kids did you like best in the printable e-book? Did your kids like the stupid jokes?

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