Grab your picnic basket because with these simple and cute picnic ideas, any meal can be a picnic!

During the spring and summer seasons, we eat at least one meal a day outside …sometimes all three! These are our favorite kids picnic food ideas … oh, and the picnic basket is optional {kiggle}.

Let’s have a picnic today!

Funny picnic ideas that are actually doable

While we are dreaming of warmer days, we plan and plan our next picnic. We’re going to have the best picnic season this year with these awesome picnic ideas for kids!

Don’t get bogged down by the vision of the perfect picnic. The red checkered cloth is laid out on the beach (sand!) Or in the middle of a daisy field (ants! Snakes!). The perfect wicker picnic basket filled with perfectly chilled potato salad, a selection of pasta salad and fruit salad (how do you chill these perfectly in a wicker picnic basket?). Fancy sandwiches filled in mason jars (that’s what I just made up) and a full cherry cake for dessert (because your wicker picnic basket resembles a Mary Poppins bag). Don’t worry about the details … memories are made because you did it, not because it was perfect!

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The best picnic ideas for kids … ever!

  1. Winter picnic – Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying a festive outdoor picnic! I love how Mooky Chick went on a picnic in the snow!
  2. Teddy bear picnic – Invite all the soft toys on the living room ceiling with picnic basket for the best indoor picnic ever! This cute idea comes from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.
  3. Permanent picnic – I love this idea from Bounceback Parenting of creating a permanent picnic area in the garden. There will be no excuses!
  4. To travel? Save money in restaurants and have one Picnic in the hotel with this easy path from Peanut Blossom!
  5. Family movie night picnic – Move the movie outside! Have a popcorn and pizza picnic with a projector and sheet for a night of memories and less time cleaning up.
  6. Tailgate in the trunk of your car – One of our favorite picnic ideas is to park near the airport so the kids can watch the planes while we have summer picnics. This is a good idea for the evening of July 4th before the fireworks show.
  7. Have a goofy bathtub picnic – Your kids will giggle and enjoy themselves thinking it’s hysterical. Plus, you can flush out the mess when you’re done!
  8. Have a Picnic in a fortress for a great picnic option.
50+ Picnic Ideas For Kids - Ways To Pack A Picnic Basket And Store Groceries
There are so many cute ways to pack a picnic basket or bag!

Opportunities to pack a picnic with kids and the whole family

  1. pack Chilli in a glass for your next park picnic with the children, with this idea from Living Locurto! I love how it’s included – all you need is the jar and spoon and picnic table in your local park. And they’ll fit in your picnic basket if you make one for each attendee.
  2. Bring your Food in a bag! Paper bags are a great “buffet” so that your children can choose a meal with snacks even on beach days.
  3. Plastic Easter eggs are great snack containers. Your kids will love discovering a new snack in every egg with this picnic hack from A Kailo Chic Life that makes the most amazing picnic spread.
  4. Look for one Disposable drinking cups? Grab an old soda bottle! We converted one for our excursion by punching a hole in the lid with a screwdriver. It was the perfect width for a straw to fit snugly in at no additional cost.
  5. Upcycle cans in pretty outdoor cup holder for your drinks. This brilliant tip is from Positively Splendid.
  6. Muffin tin meal – Pack small bites of it in a muffin tin and cover with aluminum foil for transport. It will be an open and ready-made summer season buffet!
  7. Wrap sandwiches for a group in waxed paper. Wax paper helps keep sandwiches fresh and works as a great sandwich handle to keep hands clean (and keep food clean!) When eating picnic sandwiches!
50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - Picnic Lunch Ideas - 4 pictured, including a layered salad
Let’s have a picnic … it’s gonna be fun!

Perfect picnic lunch ideas

  1. Salad in a glass – Grab some favorite vegetable ingredients and create mess with this brilliant idea from Bless This Mess!
  2. Does it matter Is it a sandwich It is a meatballs sandwich and boy, it’s yummy! This sandwich is a great choice for a picnic.
  3. These Roll up sandwiches from the Lessons Learned Journal are super easy to do. And the good news is, you only need 2 ingredients for the batter!
  4. Egg bread boats, from Tbsp., are high in protein, easy to transport and super tasty, which makes them a delicious kid-friendly picnic idea!
  5. We like to make large batches of it Lasagna cupcakes, with this recipe from tbsp.! They’re easy to freeze, made from common ingredients, and perfect for roadside picnics while traveling.
  6. Not all sushi is … well, sushi! Make your picnic lunch more fun with these Sushi great recipe variations by Kid Crave.
  7. Operation Lunchbox’s Hand pies Take the time to prepare them, but they are super easy to bring to a picnic! I love these delicious picnic food ideas to fill my picnic basket … let them come!
  8. Our all-time favorite picnic lunch is when I make Macaroni & Cheesecake’s Corndog muffins. The kids go crazy for them and I never have enough! Ours never look as pretty as macaroni and cheesecake, but they’re yummy!
Picnic Lunch Outside - Kids Activities Blog - three kids outside on a blanket in the back yard
Let’s have a snack picnic!

Power picnic snack ideas

  1. Ice cream cone with fruit salad – Take all the ingredients for this lovely fresh fruit dessert from Bakers Royale.
  2. Do one Fruity quesadilla – All you need to prepare this yummy treat from Budget Bytes is a tortilla bowl, bananas and Nutella – yum! My picnic basket just giggled.
  3. Don’t forget the ants – Ants on a tree trunk and other articles on the topic of ants from Tip “Ins and Outs” will make the thought of beetles giggle at your family summer picnic.
  4. Stack snacks in a mug – Use cupcake liners to separate the “food”. This tip from I Can Teach My Child is perfect for eating on the go.
50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - Picnic Breakfast Ideas - four shown
How about a picnic breakfast? Count me in!

Picnic breakfast ideas

  1. Who says you have to “go” to the picnic? Surprise your kids with a silly one Pajama breakfast picnic by Inner Fun Child.
  2. Waffle sandwiches – Instead of using bread for your sandwich, make a serving of waffles! Spread over peanut butter or cream cheese and add some fruit for a delicious breakfast.
  3. Mini omelets or what we like to call egg muffins – these are made from a muffin pan with eggs, onions, ham, fresh vegetables: green pepper (add some red bell pepper for the color), mushrooms and cheddar cheese.
  4. Egg-in-a-glass – This delicious and portable breakfast from Paleo Leap is gluten-free!
  5. Have fun Breakfast outdoors with a collection of fruit and waffle sticks!
  6. French toast sticks – This delicious idea from Fox Hollow Cottage is a simple breakfast that the whole family will love! Instead of syrup, which can make a sticky mess, try a small cup of yogurt or almond butter.
50+ picnic ideas for kids - picnic breakfast skewer food and orange juice
Grab what you can … we’re going to have a picnic!

Fun picnic activities and tips for children

  1. How cute is that Skip Hop outdoor picnic blanket and cooler bag (Picture above) ?! Not only is it a stylish picnic basket, it’s perfect for trips with kids from picnics to the beach!
  2. Read a picnic book – Here is a list of a number of children’s books on What Do We Do All Day Picnics.
  3. Wrong picnic food – Picnic time anytime with these truly adorable DIY felt liners from Red Ted Art.
  4. Make your doll a lunch box – Now your dolls can enjoy a picnic with you! All you need is a jar of mint to make this fun DIY from Inner Child Fun.
  5. Keep your food cool with a DIY ice pack – Grab a wet sponge, put it in a zip lock bag, freeze and viola – you have an ice pack ready when you pack your picnic basket.
50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - Picnic Snack Ideas - three shown - roll up apple monsters and watermelon slices
Everything tastes better outside! It’s the picnic effect!

Sweet picnic treats

  1. Rocky way for the road! – This yummy treat from the Nurture Store is perfect to wrap up and take with you to a picnic.
  2. Watermelon Krispie Treats – These are precious from Glorious Treats and would make any picnic (indoors or outdoors) that much more festive!
  3. Watermelon sticks – Not only are they a fun way to slice watermelons, they’re also easier for young children to grab and eat. I love this idea from Mama Say What ?!
  4. Serve Pie-in-a-cup – This Inspired Camping idea is to layer the different ingredients starting with the crust on the bottom and then adding the filling stages that end with a cake topping.
  5. Monster apple faces – Cut out a section from an apple, cover with peanut butter or cream cheese and decorate! Your kids will love these stupid faces.

Oh so many picnic options!

Let's picnic together as a family - Picnic Ideas - Kids Activities Blog - Family picnicking
Let’s have a picnic!

Outdoor fun for the family

I’ve been waiting for warmer weather and fun in the sun with my family all winter! Here are some fun crafts, activities, and recipes to celebrate spring and summer:

What’s your favorite picnic idea?

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