Today we have the cutest beach crafts for kids. They are a great summer craft for preschoolers, toddlers, and kids of all ages. There are sure to be the perfect beach crafts for your child!

A bucket full of sand, the most beautiful shells, rocks ground smooth by the waves, as much driftwood as your pockets can hold – wonderfully free natural beach finds, perfect for timeless, valued handicraft activities.

Read on to see and get inspiration from these 21 beach crafts.

Let’s make beach-inspired crafts together!

Summer and the beach are among the most beautiful childhood memories. From under the sea inspired marine crafts to playful sandcastles, the beach is a place of unlimited creativity and exploration for kids of all ages. We love these nature-inspired crafts that make you feel like you are on the beach even when it’s miles away.

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Beach crafts for children

Before you gather all of your supplies for your next beach vacation, be sure to review the rules for collecting sand, seashells, and other beach items before filling your sand bucket! Many beaches around the world have rules that make collecting sand illegal. For example on California beaches …

So is it illegal to take clams off the beach in California?

No collection of molluscs (live) Shellfish) is allowed in California without a fishing license. Consult the current one California Fish and game order. In general, there are no restrictions against collecting empties Shellfish of California beaches. However, with some beaches, empty Shellfish may not be picked up.


Confused? Me too! Check the signs and the specific rules for the beach you are visiting!

Adorable preschool age marine crafts

Shell craft pets

The very best Beach fun with googly eyes by Simple As That. Never leave the house without googly eyes!

Spin Art Rocks

This delightful, colorful art activity is deliciously smooth for kids of all ages with Beach stones.
See the tutorial for MeriCherry

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!
Driftwood crafts for children

Driftwood weaving or a small raft for mussel people!

I just adore driftwood and that cute weaving craft by theredthread. I have to do some right now!

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!
Underwater inspired crafts for kids

Torn tissue paper collage

How amazing is this mixed media collage art activity ?! Children can create masterpieces with their beach finds with this idea from Joy Of My Life. Also check out their butterflies and insects made from seashells in the same post!

Beach stone photo holder

What a nice idea! These Beach stone photo holder by Garden Mama are fun and easy to create and the perfect way to view drawings and photos.

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Shell craft necklace

It’s fun to look for Shells with holes for jewelry making! With this tutorial from theredthread, you can easily loop, knot, and layer over to get pretty results.

Clam dolls

Let’s do some crafty’s Wooden stick people stick are full of glitter and have shell skirts – what not to love!

Let’s color some seashells!

Rainbow seashells

This gorgeous backyard activity can be done with leftover egg colors. It is a Science and discovery activity that can be easily converted colorful works of art and shell jewelry when dry. See the tutorial for The Educators’ Spin On It.

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Clams – delightful!

Meet the Dubiens Mussel snails are just too easy and cute! Make them with seashells, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms!

Clay sculptures

The clay sculptures from Buzzmills are a fun activity for little hands! All you need is a bucket of sand, seashells, and some clay.

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Salt dough shell fossils

The Imagination Tree has the best idea for Salt dough homemade fossils and Souvenir with nature print!

Storage craft: seashells

How nice for children to create something special as a memento of their fun family vacation. Look at this cutie Plaster and shell crafting.

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Stepping stones made from shells

What a precious idea for fairy tale gardens and magic stairs to a playhouse from Buzzmills! When you put your ear to that Shell stepping stone path, you will hear the sea!

Explore seashells

B-InspiredMama has the most fun sensory clay and shell craft! Kids will love exploring the impressions the seashells leave when pressed into the clay.

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Sensory trash can on the beach theme

If you don’t have space for a sandpit in your yard, this is it sensory box on the beach theme by Buggy and Buddy is the perfect sensory activity idea for your little one!

If you’re looking for more sensory beach ideas to make at home, check out these:

Beach treasure hunt ice tower

Container for small hands for Beach treasure hunt ice tower is a fun frozen dig activity that contains valuable beach finds.

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Sandy handprints

How can you take home and appreciate something as short-lived as a footprint in the sand or the smallness of your child’s hand on the day they first saw the Atlantic? Check out Crafting a Green World’s sandy handprints Tutorial!

Mermaid or fairy cups. Oh the cuteness!

Everything you need to know about making Blue Bear Woods Mermaid (or fairy) mugs are: clams, pipe cleaners and a hot glue gun!

21 Beach Crafts To Do With Your Kids This Summer!

Painted seashells

She paints seashells on the seashore … Painted seashells is such a simple and exciting activity by Pink and Green Mama.

Make your own shell necklace

Nothing says summer more than wearing one pretty shell necklace!

Let’s use sand for this sand molding craft!

Sand mold craft at home

This is one of my favorite beach crafts and we were introduced to this one on the beach. Use sand to create the shape for your next craft project with this sand mold craft.

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Which of these kids beach crafts will you do first?

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