Why is this application free?

The app’s primary aim is to raise awareness so it is available for free. Nevertheless, parents (or other users) may make a donation to Missing Children Europe via the website.

Can a child under 8 years old also use this app?

The application starts with 4 numbers, like the unlock code that appears on every device. The other numbers are learned gradually and the app has been developed to help the child with this lesson. If the child does not know the next number, the number is lit up on the keypad after a few seconds, like a hint.

Is memorising a 10-digit code not too complicated for a child?

Remember when we were little, we knew the phone number of our house, our best friend or cousin by heart since we had to dial it repeatedly on our phone. This is a kind of physical routine that develops muscle memory for storing long-term information. Remumber just allows children of the new generation to memorise an important number in the same way that we did years ago.

If the parent installs this app on his/her mobile phone, does this not mean that he/she must also use this 10-digit code? Isn’t this a bit restrictive?

It can also be a good way for the adult to also memorise the number of his/her partner.

If a child has their own mobile phone, can they not remove the application?

REMUMBER is very secure. Parents have to input their name, email address and telephone number, and they need to enter a password to complete the installation of the app. As such, the child cannot access it without a password.

Can the app also be used by adults? For example, to store the number of their partner in case of emergency.

Of course! The aim is to educate and teach children the phone number of their parents but you could also install it on your own mobile phone to learn the number of a relative.

Why make an application available only on Android?

The technology used is not yet suitable for Apple. This application has been launched at European level and 84.1% (1Q16) are users of Android devices.